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IQF strawberries 

IQF whole strawberries  

IQF sliced strawberries  

IQF diced strawberries

IQF strawberry  

Frozen Strawberries  

Frozen whole strawberries   

Frozen sliced strawberries           

Frozen diced strawberries  

Frozen strawberries puree  

Frozen strawberry puree                                   

Frozen strawberries with sugar

Frozen strawberry

Varieties: Senga Sengana,Honey,All star,American no.3,American no.6, American no.13,Camarossa,etc

Calibration: 1)15-22mm, 22-28mm, 28-35mm 2)15-25mm,25-35mm,35mm up (Or Uncarlibration) According to the clients' requirements

2.IQF sliced strawberries thickness:10mm,12mm

3.IQF diced strawberries


Packing: 1X10kg,1x15kg,4x2.5kg,5x1kg,20x500g,20x400g,10x1kg,1X30lbs/CTN also 600kgs/TOTE(octobin)

4.Frozen strawberries with sugar,wholes/sliced Sugar: 4+1,9+1,12+1,27+1(according to the buyers' requirements) Packing: 6x6.5lbs plastic pails/carton 30lbs/plastic pail 400lbs/steel drum

5.Frozen strawberries puree with seeds/without seeds  Packing: 28lbs/plastic pail 400lbs/steel drum

6.Straight pack frozen strawberries whole/sliced/diced  Packing:400lbs/steel drum Other Information

Origin: Liaoning, Shandong,Jiangsu,Anhui, Zhejiang,Hebei Province Season:From Apr. to July Grades: We can supply both Grade A and Grade B.

Remarks: 1)HACCP.KOSHER,BRC,AIB ,ISO certified 2)Shipment: spread in a whole year,as per the contracts and the client's plan