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canned mandarin orange in syrup

canned mandarin orange in syrup

canned mandarin orange in syrup

1)Ingredients : fresh mandarin orange, water, sugar, citric acid (syrup:14-17)

2)Brix:14-17;   Ph: 3.4-3.6 ; Broken rate : nearly 5%

3) Canned mandarin orange is all natural product ,without artificial

flavouring ,preservatives or added sweeteners

4) Shelf life : 36months

5) Delivery Time: within 30days after confirm all the details

6) Payment Terms:L/C; D/P; T/T

7) Coure of production:

selecting fresh oranges--washing & cleaning--peeling--segmenting--acid and alkali treatment--cleaning again--selecting again--filling into the empty can--weighting--adding the syrup --covering the lid--sealing the can--inspecting--sterilizing--cooling--clean & drying the can --sending to the warehouse.